Can you truly be rich using the technologies? Yes, you may need to read this article to be convinced.

In this article, you’ll discover what exactly the next opportunities are. And this is not limited to your country alone but a global opportunity.

Sometimes ago, I heard of one of the former president of my country talking about how he became the president.

He said “I thank God for using Abacha to send me to prison”.
Abacha was a military dictator who crushed so many people in my country, Nigeria. Yet one of the men he intended to crush became the president because he was sent to the prison.

You see, economic crisis is like a prison. It is a very difficult time and so many people are going to be crashed. However, a few people will escape, and become stronger.

So many businesses will die but a few businesses will not only survive but thrive and grow 10 times bigger.

I’ll be sharing with you 3 industries that may become extremely big.

Remote Working tools

Just 20 years ago, the term “working” from home was almost unheard of because it was nearly impossible to work from home. The internet was just emerging.

Between the year 2005-2019, the concept of working from home became more and more popular every year, but there was a problem. The problem was it wasn’t employees who wanted to work from home.

Most companies didn’t see why they should let people work from home. As a result most companies couldn’t invest their resources in tools to make working from home possible.

That changed as we enter the year 2020. Not only are employees and everyone desiring to work from home. Companies that have no plan for remote staffing are confessing their sins amd wish they had done something about it earlier.

I am an entrepreneur, and as I write this, I am working on tools that will make it super possible for my company to have at least 80% of our staff able to work remotely.

This is important because nobody can tell when next the world will have to be indoor like we saw with Covid19.

If you have an idea about tools that can help people and businesses work remotely, now is the time to work hard on such because billions of dollars will be spent worldwide in the next few years to make remote staffing a regular thing.

Online Education Industry

A few years before Steve Jobs died, he was worried that technology and the internet has changed everything in the world except our educational system.

I think we are wasting so much time in the classroom to learn what we can learn on the go. For example, I have watched two educative videos on YouTube today that thought me what 18 years old school didn’t.

Those videos came to me at the comfort of my home at the convenient time. What is education if there is no learning? Why should I pay thousands of dollars and waste 4years to learn in the university what I can learn in one year with a few hundred dollars.

To some of you who are thinking about getting a degree. Don’t worry about that, online education is either going to figure out accreditation or employers will stop looking at degrees.

Many of the biggest companies have started looking less on people’s degree and more on their track record. If you think the era of real education won’t come, I tell you it will. And nobody knows how close.

So how can you benefit from this revolution?

Well, if you are a tutor of any guide, you don’t have to wait till tomorrow. You can start being part of the massive billion dollar online education industry today.

Many people are here on YouTube simply teaching what they know and making thousands of dollars doing so. The internet is already filled with many educational platforms and you can join those platforms as a tutor or create your own.

You can also create an innovative tool to help this revolution. Nobody knows how far you can go, but you can start somewhere.

Digital Marketing Industry

I know about traditional marketing, everyone does. It is simple:

You go through a newspaper, radio or television and tell them what you want to sell. They ask you to pay tens of thousands and even millions of dollars and they start helping you to interrupt everyone.

This guys have no clue who they are running your ads to. They just make the noise and hopes someone buys your product.

Nothing in the world wastes money than advertising.

With TV ads came another problem, people are interrupted every minute of the day and everyone hates that.

Now, let’s talk about the internet and digital marketing. How many times have you seen an ad online and feel wow! I need this?

What makes digital marketing different from traditional marketing is the fact that digital advertisers can deliver ads to people who need your product.

For example: You can go to Google or Facebook and ask them to help you look for people that have babies because you have a baby product.

So why would digital marketing be a great boom for you?

We’ll, many companies will be broke and because they are broke, they would want to maximize every dollar they are spending, ensuring that they spend more on the platform that knows their customers instead of wasting millions on TV which only interrups people.

If you are thinking about starting a digital marketing agency, now is the time to do that.

If you have any idea that has something to do with the digital marketing industry, you may want to start that now.

I hope you found this helpful.
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