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Being an entrepreneur can be tedious and tiring because of the many activities involved.

To excel in entrepreneurship, you need to be vasatile and be able to manage resources as you communicate with your staff, prospective clients and existing clients.

The lack of the ability to stay organised and adequately manage time is one reason why many entrepreneurs do not last in business.

But thanks to technology. Many applications have been created to reduce the stress encountered in entrepreneurship.

In this article, I will show you 9 of these Applications which entrepreneurs should have on their Phone.

Some of these applications are developed with some AI features that will help you do some thinking and solve some of your problems.

7 Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs

  1. Evernote

This excellent application was initially devoped primarily as a note taking application but over the years, it has evolved into an essential application that does not only allows note taking, but also allows organising and archiving tasks. It was developed by Evernote corporation.

Evernote will enable you to type text, draw, scan photographs and export web content. As an entrepreneur, trying to get all activities done can be tiring, nonetheless, Evernote makes organising easier with it’s great features such as note taking, checklist, voice note, attachment, saving online resources, web clipping, creating tables, setting reminders, sharing and recovering deleted notes.

  1. Mint

This is a free online personal finance application that offers a variety of financial planning and tracking tools. Mint was developed to help people to budget, track transactions, make categorisation and remember bills.

To get started with Mint, you have to sign up and connect your financial account to the mint account. With mint, entrepreneurs can easily track their credit cards, the loan and investment.

It is easy to use the software with navigation such as overview, bills, budgets, transactiins, reports, goals, investments and various ways to save with the aid of categorization, the application automatically designs budget categories to operations as they come in.

There is also a feature that allows you to roll unspent or overspent fund over to the next month.

In addition to the budgeting function is the goal setting aspect that enables you to set either a short or long term go.

Lastly, the investment feature shows you a graphical and easy to understand report of your portfolio.

This application is loaded to make entrepreneur’s financial activities easy.

  1. Fast Budget

This is an application that helps you keep your personal, family and business funances in check. Fast budget application has an overview page that is customizable and enables you to visualize your flow of money at your glance.

This application allows you to create and modify your account and input your credit cards which can use 90 different currencies.

The fast budget calender helps to keep track of day to day profit made and also money spent.

It customized chart summarises compact information to aid ease view and allow reminder setting in a repetitive transactions when required. The fast budget application operates on a free premium model and is available on Android, iOS and the Web App.

  1. Calendly

It is well known how hard it can be, trying to set a meeting with a colleague. Calendly comes to play and helps let you schedule meetings without having to send email back in full.

It is a free online software that helps in scheduling appointments quiet quickly and also allows you to invite others to access your schedule through your Calendly links.

As an entrepreneur, Calendly makes it simpler for you to set up and hack meetings, and for your employees or clients to get access to you.

It also has the feature that allows you to view your event settings as well as edit them. You can furthermore, view other upcoming events and the iOS enables you to receive message and notifications as regards your schedule activities.

This application has various subscription plans.
There is the free basic plan, the premium at $8 and the Pro at $12 and the application is currently available on iOS.

  1. Todoist

This is like most task management applications. Only that unlike the others, it enables you to see concrete progress in productivity.

As growth continues, you receive Todoist point which in turn, unlock 8 available levels .

Though it doesn’t seems to offer much more than a small gratifying view, but can be source of motivation.

Todoist Application helps you to free up your space by deligating task for other people, notifies you when they post comments, complete tasks and carry out other activities.

It also makes essential information available to others.

Todoist has a free version, a premium version at $3 and the business plan which cost $5. Todoist is available on MAC, windows, iOS, Android as well as web version extensions.

  1. WhatsApp Business

Over the years, WhatsApp has grown to be one of the world’s most used messaging applications in over 104 countries of the world.

WhatsApp business started in January 2019 with a small business owner in mind. This application makes communication with customers comfortable.

It features, such as Automating, sorting and quick replying messages, allow you to list important information about your company and a catalogue where you can showcase your goods and services. It also shows statistics about when messages was sent, delivered and read and also offers messaging tools that allow you to send customized messages and responses to customers.

Successful businesses understand that for them to be exceptional, they have to be on the platform that their customers prefer. One of which is WhatsApp messenger.

WhatsApp also allows the transfer of visual and written documents and both voice calls.

  1. Jandi

Jandi is a cloud based enterprise communication and collaboration application which offer group chat and messages for teams in a workplace. It also aids corporative file management and quick search for file and messages.

Messages and data are encrypted and stored as AWS to ensure that every data is save.

Jandi allows for integrations with work apps such as Dropbox, Gethub and Gsuite for workflows to be smooth across the team.

The apication makes communication, file sharing and quick feedback comfortable without the use of email.

Jandi is similar to Slack. However, Jandi is a cheap choice at $5 compared to Slack’s $6.67. It likewise has a cracked version.

Jandi has been made available on the web, windows, MAC and iOS and is working with over 200,000 companies in Asia and across the globe.

All of these applications are varying ways to help you boost your business. When you incorporate them into your business and personal life, you’ll be surprised how productive you will be.

Your entrepreneural journey just got easier.

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