In the days of our fathers, there are basically two ways to make money. It’s either spending three decades building a slow growing bricks and mortal business or work for a company for 35 years.

Obviously, the first part is tough, and most people never dare it. So most of our parents simply chose the path to work. Work a Job you hate for 35 years and retire broke.

Most people still go along that path today, but there are several other options available for you if you are smart.

Today, you can make a lot of money by leveraging on the existing technologies or build your own. Unlike in the days of our fathers, you can now build a business faster ever while you’ve got no money to start.

In this article, I’ll discuss with you 2 ways you can change your life by using the power of technologies.

Let’s start from the story of Steve O courage. The founder of Success Secret TV.

In Decenber 2014, he created a website and many months to follow, he blogged on the website and in about 14 months after, he started creating some services and products around the topics on his blog.

To make the process crazily smart, he really doesn’t know any much about the services he was creating.

Instead of knowing all about these services, he got the contacts of people who are experts in those areas, called them and negotiated with them.

“Hi guy, I’m having clients who may need your services. If I send them to you, you get $X ” Deal done!

As at the time, he has built a company around that simple concept and has 296 experts who are in partnership with his company.

He started all these without any money. The only thing he leveraged are the technologies.

Now let me break down all of these. The process explained above were created by 5 things:

  1. A Website
  2. A lot of Google search -to get who could render the services he wanted to sell.
  3. A few cheap mobile phones to call experts and receive calls from the client.
  4. One App developed to keep the data of the experts.
  5. A few Gmail account to communicate with everyone involved.

All of the above cost nearly nothing, not even up to the money an average person uses to buy stuff they don’t need. Yet, he built a wonderful business around that.

So how can you take advantage of the free technologies we have all around us to build wealth for yourself?

  1. Stop having Consumer world view
    Consumer world view.

Most people look at the wonderful technologies we have today and think, Wow! This is very nice to use. We have to stop seing things that way.

Now you have to start seing all the technologies around you as potential money making machines.If you start seeing things from this angle, a new world will be open to you.

  1. Start thinking about leverage

Leverage is the ability to use what doesn’t belong to you legitimately.
Simple but not easy.

I created a website, Google helps me to rank the site. When people search for something I have on my site, Google suggests my site and a few of them click to my sites.

When these people get to my site, I can ask them to drop a few dollars by offering them some services or sell them some products.

What even make this unbelievably sweet is that, I necessarily don’t have to be the one to render the services they need.

I can easily create a database of people who are experts on certain fields and act as an intermediary between the people who visit my site and the experts who can help them.

Now think about this, I’m not actually doing anything big, I do not own the traffic to start with. Remember Google sent them to me. I may not even own the articles they read on my blog.

Remember, you can get ghost writers for a penny.

Now, to make the case really unbelievable, I’m not even the one to render the services these people need.

Look how all these work and the most important thing involved here are the technologies.

Don’t think that is being very smart. In fact, many successful companies today don’t have anything on their own. They simply leverage on the technologies to make money.

This is very hard to believe, but I’ll give you enough examples so this can be clear to you.


Think about Uber. They use the technologies.

Uber connects the car owner with those who need a ride. Does Uber own the car? Do they own the people who need the ride?

The only thing Uber owns is the App. By a single technology, they built company that worth $400b.


Think about Facebook. Now facebook is worth about $400b. Selling what? Well, the math is simple. Facebook is practically selling content but most people won’t know.

Here is the math:

Why do you go to Facebook or Instagram?

To consume content: either a video, photos or post. That’s the reason why you go, and that’s why facebook make more than $50b every year.

Facebook’s primary product is content. Facebook doesn’t create a single content. Instead, they use technologies to attract and keep billions of people.

These people create content everyday that make everybody go to the platform. The advertisers rush, begging Facebook and pay the company billions.

Facebook neither own the content, the people, nor does it own the advertisers. Facebook simply own the technology.


Think about Google and YouTube. YouTube make billions through any video you watched on the platform, but YouTube itself created no content.

Instead, they create technologies that attract millions of content creators, advertisers and they make their billions along the line.

The same thing with Google. Think about Amazon, Alibaba , and probably tens of other companies. They are all using the same formula.

You can also do the same. Create a few hours every week to think. How can I leverage on the existing technologies to build a business. Do you have a business already? Start using the existing technologies to promote it.

Go and create a blog and start creating content. If you hate writing, you can go to Fiverr or Upwork, you can employ the services of a freelance writer to write for you. Don’t just limit yourself to what you can do.

Use the internet to look for experts whose services you can sell.

Look at your phones, the Google, the social networks, your websites, thousands of plugins, the Apps and others. All these are technologies you can leverage on to build a business that may end up making you a million dollar.

Here are my final words… Stop seing the technologies we have today as the instrument of pleasure. Start seeing them as opportunities for leverage.

The phone, the social media platforms, the search engines, the Apps, YouTube, and many others may be free, but they can also help you make a lot of money.

Don’t expect it to be easy as I made it seem. I can see it as easy now because I’ve gone through the process and mastered many skills along the way. You need to have a lot of patience and seal if you wish to create something worthwhile.

You may have to try several things, make hundreds of mistakes and experience tens of failures, it’s part of the journey.

If you’re willing to get your hands dirty, you can end up creating something the entire world would be proud of.

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